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As an all through school the PE Staff actively engage with pupils from early years through to S4. Our main aim is to offer a quality experience to all pupils in helping them lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Pupil transition is made easy by the familiar surroundings and faces pupils see every day.

At Pitlochry we are focussed on the Health & Wellbeing of pupils and strive to achieve:

  • Successful learners
  • Responsible citizens
  • Effective contributors
  • Confident individuals

Pupil experience in P.E. is enriched with a variety of extra-curricular activities both in primary and secondary. An extensive outdoor programme is also offered both within core PE and in connection with Active Schools Programme.

Physical Education

Physical Education’s most significant contribution is the development of students’ understanding of competence in, and enjoyment of, the physical area of learning and experience.  The planned nature of the learning and experience in physical education distinguishes it from free play, recreation and sport.  However, these elements of recreation and sport are used as a medium for learning and in the encouragement of a physically active lifestyle and a positive attitude to health.

Through participation in a planned and balanced programme of physical education the following areas of development are promoted:

  • skilful body management;
  • competitive activity between groups and individuals;
  • body training leading to increased fitness, mobility, flexibility, strength, stamina and endurance;
  • challenging experiences in a variety of roles and in a variety of environments;
  • creative and aesthetic experiences through movement.

Physical Education also provides opportunities to experience success, to develop self-confidence and to enhance the students’ self-esteem.  This is undertaken through a Curriculum containing a series of activities which include the major team games of football, rugby and hockey as well as basketball, table tennis, volleyball.  Individual activities such as badminton, gymnastics and athletics are all included in a programme in which health related fitness permeates all areas.

Students at S3 level can opt to study PE in more depth by undertaking the new National Qualification in PE at either National 4 or National 5.  There is also an extensive extra-curricular programme developed in association with Active Schools to deliver new and challenging experiences to all our pupils.

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