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Life at Pitlochry High School Life at Pitlochry High School Life at Pitlochry High School Life at Pitlochry High School Life at Pitlochry High School


Primary 4 have started work on their first topic entitled ‘Me, my family and my school’. We have discussed what makes us the same and different but also unique, we have drawn beautiful pictures of our families and had a think about the changes we would make in our classroom and school if we pupils were in charge. We’re also looking at what we need to keep us healthy and are trying to bring in a healthy play piece each day such as fruit or raw vegetables.

Our second topic is going to be all about Pitlochry. Why is Pitlochry so popular with tourists? Why do people choose to move here to work and retire? What can people do in Pitlochry? We will be learning about the past as well as the present and hopefully be hearing some local stories from those that grew up here.

In the New Year, our third topic will be ‘Children in World War Two’ so parents start researching about the part your great grandparents played during that time and how the war changed their lives.

Our final topic is ‘Bridging the Gap’. We will be learning about famous bridges around the world and how they have brought communities together and eased the lives of those living in such areas.

Primary 4 have been participating in Heartstart lessons and have been learning how to place a casualty into the recovery position.  Some of the photos in our Gallery show the various stages that they had to perform, such as shouting for help and checking for a response, before placing them in the recovery position correctly. Mr Sherriffs, our janitor, was able to put his first aid skills to good during all our lessons.

Primary 4 worked with the S3s and Academy9 in the hall to complete various challenges. All the challenges enabled the primary pupils to use their cooperative skills as they involved team work. The pupils had a very active morning and thoroughly enjoyed meeting the Academy9 team.        

look at the photos in the gallery  below to see the children in action.

Primary 4 timetable

 Monday  - Art in the secondary with Mrs McDonald.

Pupils can, if they wish, bring in an old tee shirt to protect clothes.

Wednesday -  Music in the secondary with Mrs Dailly.

Thursday - PE in the secondary with Mrs Leck

Black shorts, leggings, trackies, white tee shirt.

Friday  - Committee time.

Primary 4 have responsibility for collecting paper for recycling and litter picking in the playground.