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Science Access 3 / Nat 4

Course Content

The National 4 / Access 3 Science course builds on the Level 3 Science Outcomes that pupils covered in S1/2. The course covers suitable Level 4 Science and Health and Well Being  Outcomes. There are 3 Units in the course that cover the following content

 Nutrition and health

Threats to health and preventative measures (including the immune system and vaccines)

Use of technology in monitoring health and improving the quality of life.

 Science at work


Uses and properties of the electromagnetic waves

Materials technology

Science at work : risks and health issues related to working with chemicals, radiation and electricity.

 Fragile Earth

This topic deals with the conflicts, issues, benefits and solutions associated with

 Water uses : to include sources and origins of water : production and extraction of water.

Food production : to include farming, technology of food production and impact on the environment.

Energy : Fossil fuels, renewables sustainability and conservation of energy.


Develop scientific and analytical thinking skills

Develop understanding of scientific issues

Acquire and apply knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts.

Develop understanding of the relevant applications of science in society


All assessments are internal so there will be no final exam. Pupils will gather a range of evidence over the course of the 2 year course to include Unit assessments which will be on a pass/fail basis.


Success completion of the National 4 Science course allows progression to National 5 Biology, Chemistry or Biology.