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Home Economics

Home Economics in S1 to S3 is a very practical experience where pupils will take part in a range of units allowing them to cover the appropriate Health and Wellbeing and Technology outcomes.

 In S1 topics covered include “Welcome to HE” which is an Introduction to Home Economics, “Healthy Balance” which focusses on the Eatwell Guide and how to achieve a balanced and healthy diet and “Fabric Time” where the pupils use a range of techniques to make a fabric item.

 In S2 the pupils learn about Food Hygiene in the “Cook Safe” unit, “Sensory Analysis”, “Nutrition and Food Choice”, the design process through a series of design and make activities as well as learning about foods from different countries in a Foods of the World project.

 Pupils will practice and apply a range of food preparation techniques as well as developing their knowledge in the above areas.

In S3 pupils can opt to study Food Technology and, or, Fabric, First Aid and Nutrition through the Lifecycle. In Food Technology pupils are given the opportunity to experience the food based subjects offered up to National 5 level in S4. The two subjects covered are Hospitality and Health and Food Technology. In addition to this they also complete their Elementary Food Hygiene qualification and learn about cake decorating when they make individual Christmas cakes. In Fabric, First Aid and Nutrition though the Lifecycle, pupils are introduced to various aspects of additional courses that can be studied in the senior phase and these are Fashion and Textile Technology and Childcare.

 In S4, Health and Food Technology is offered up to National 5 level allowing progression to Higher and Advanced Higher in future years. This course focusses on three units – Food for Health, Food Product Development and Contemporary Food Issues. An individual course assignment is also undertaken by pupils and this makes up 50% of their course mark.

Hospitality: Practical Cookery is offered up to National 5 level and is primarily a practical course. It builds on food preparation and cookery skills as well as developing knowledge of the function of ingredients and where food comes from. Newly introduced this year will be a written exam which will be externally marked by SQA. The remaining course award is gained through successful completion of a practical exam.

Both courses benefit from visiting specialists who are involved in building skills and enhancing the curriculum at various stages.

 Details regarding parent / carer contributions to these courses can be found in individual Parentpay accounts.

 Many pupils enjoy the dishes they make in class and are often asking for the recipes so that they can make the dishes at home. The recipe books used in years S1-S4 can now be found on the school website. These recipe books will also help parent / carers whose children have allergies and food intolerances. Alternative ingredients, as well as vegetarian options, are always available so please ensure we hold the most up to date information about your child’s dietary requirements so this need can be met.