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Our Department

Head of Faculty of Languages / PT English – Mrs C Brown

Teacher of English – Mrs G Martin

Welcome to the Pitlochry High School English Department! Our motto is Literacy to Achieve Success and we are passionate about equipping all of our young people with the communication skills they need to succeed.

Our courses are based on the four core literacy skills of reading, writing, talking and listening. Our courses are designed to allow our learners to improve their literacy in an enjoyable way and in a supportive environment.

The study of English will allow pupils to develop their critical thinking skills, allowing them to effectively understand, analyse and evaluate the world around them through reading and listening.  We will apply these skills in class to tasks which involve studying fiction and non-fiction texts. The study of English isn’t limited to books: we love thinking and learning about all methods of communication, including audio texts, websites, newspapers and film!

And that isn’t all we do in English. We also look at how we communicate with others through talking and writing. These skills are not only useful in English (and your other school subjects); you’ll find they are essential in the wider world too.

We deliver the Broad General Education (BGE) in S1 - 3, and then offer National 3,4 and 5 in the Senior Phase. The skills pupils develop throughout the BGE are directly relevant to the National Qualifications taken in the Senior Phase. Our aim is to provide the correct level of support and challenge to every learner in our classes to allow them to achieve their potential.

To give our learners the best possible experience, we offer various extra-curricular opportunities such as Film Club and Writing Club. We also offer our S4 pupils 1 hour of Supported Study twice per week. Our department has access to a broad range of ICT and resources to help you to get the most out of your study time.