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 August to October Break 2021

Our topic this term is a historical one entitled The Highland Clearances. The children have already started to listen to the classic novel by Kathleen Fiddler called The Desperate Journey. As the children listen to me read out loud, they make notes and we then discuss the plot, characters and setting afterwards. We are aiming to make a huge wall display which will show people going about their day to day lives, the buildings in which they live and the Highland environment in which they live before the Clearances change their lives forever.

Maths this term: We will be revisiting our four operations and working on the topic of time.

Literacy: I’m thrilled that the children have all made a personal choice of book to read each day. We’ll be sharing our reasons for selecting books with the class and hope to inspire others to read after hearing recommendations. Writing will have a personal focus this term but we’re also going to try and empathise with how others might have felt during the clearances by writing an imaginative personal story.

Here is our weekly timetable:

Monday               Gaelic

Wednesday        Music

Thursday              PE (please wear kit to school until further notice)

Friday                    Art

Reminders: bring a water bottle every day, a change of shoes for PE and a healthy snack for breaktimes.

I’m looking forward to working with you all this year in P6.

Mrs Cardew.