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Primary 66


Term 3: January to April 2022.

Topic:  Endangered flora and fauna around the world.

We will be learning about plants and animals around the world that are in danger of extinction but also looking at success stories where living things have survived.

Here is a list of possible lessons (this topic, like many, will evolve as the term progresses and lessons will change, get adapted or introduced).

  • Name at least three impacts of human activity on the environment (pollution, waste, water, air, noise).
  • Suggests at least three ways in which people can live in a more environmentally responsible way. (Reuse, reduce, recycle, refuse).
  • How can we share this message with others?
  • Keep abreast of pertinent news (Newsround) linked to this issue.
  • Classify living things into flora (flowering and non-flowering), and fauna (vertebrates and invertebrates) and other groups through knowledge of their characteristics.
  • Identify characteristics of living things and their environment which have contributed to the survival or extinction of a species.
  • Describe how some plants and animals have adapted to their habitats, for example, camouflage.
  • Describes how energy flows between plants and animals in more complex food chains and webs and ecosystems, using vocabulary such as ‘producers’, ‘consumers’ and ‘herbivore’
  • Use a variety of materials to draw/ paint/ model animals and plants in their habitats.
  • Create a fact file about an endangered animal.
  • Write a letter a land developer to persuade them to stop developing an area nearby.
  • Write a balanced argument about one of the issues we’ve discussed in the topic.
  • Put together a presentation about an endangered animal, what it is, where it lives, what it needs to survive, why it has become endangered and measures being taken to prevent it becoming extinct.
  • Research organisations that help nature around the world.
  • We will be watching BBC nature documentaries pertinent to our topic.

 Maths topic: 2D and 3D shape, angles and measuring. We hope to get outside to investigate our school environment and observe shapes and measure. 

 Weekly homework: reading, spelling and mental maths.

 Timetable:        Art - Wednesday

                        Music – Wednesday

PE – Wednesday. Wear gym kit to school, school clothes in a bag and clean change of shoes to wear in the gym hall.