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Primary 1

Term 3 P1 Plan Jan 2022.pdf

Maths and Numeracy

Early Level

Addition and Subtraction MNU 0-03a

Contd from last term- moving onto subtraction.

·         I can add two groups together with concrete materials

·         I can split numbers into two parts.

  • I can count on and back in ones to add and subtract.
  • I can solve number stories
  • I am learning to Double numbers to a total of 10 mentally.
  • I  Know the number bonds to ten 
  • I can use the mathematical symbols +, − and =
  •  I can solve simple missing number problems.

 First Level

Addition and Subtraction MNU 1-03

  • I can use mental strategies for addition and subtraction
  • I can use written strategies for addition and subtraction


  • I can use arrays to count in groups
  • I understand the 2 ,10, 5 times table



·         Calendars – months in order

·         Reading calendars







Working with Differentiated groups 3 times a week.















Using the shm workbooks and teaching plan

( Refer to p2 /p3 learning)




 New Year discussion.

Daily calendar


Topic math focus- reading a calendar


Literacy and English


L&T –Finding and using information Lit 0-04

  • I can understand and respond to spoken texts

L&T- Creating texts  Lit 0-09A ,0-09B

  • I can talk clearly to others and share experiences
  • I can recount stories in logical sequence
  • I can share stories in different ways

Reading : Tools For Reading LIT0-13a 0-21a)

  • I can blend cvc words
  • I am learning to read tricky words
  • I am using phonic knowledge to read words/ early readers.
  • I can read familiar texts with expression.

Reading : Enjoyment & choice Lit 0-01b 0-0-11b

  • I can talk about a book I have chosen, and explain why I like it.

Reading ; Understanding ,analysing and Evaluating Lit 0-17 Lit 0-19

  • I can discuss characters and ideas relevant to the text.
  • I can retell familiar stories in different ways, for example, role play, puppets and/or drawings.

Writing: Tools For writing (Lit 0-13a 0-21a)

Focus-Sentece Writing

  • I can form lowercase letters legibly.
  • I Know the sounds of uppercase letters
  • I Leave a finger space between words when writing
  • I Write sentences from left to right.
  • I use a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence
  •  I use a full stop at the end of a sentence
  • I can use the sounds I hear in words to try to spell them
  • I can spell the first 12(Early)30 (First) tricky/common words
  • I can join two sentences together with either and, but or because. (First)

Writing- Creating Texts (Lit 0-09a 0-31a)

  • I can invent events/ characters ( with description First)

·         I can tell a story about a character I have created.

·         I can share my feelings in pictures and print.



L&T –Finding and using information Lit 0-04

L&T- Creating texts  Lit 0-09A ,0-09B

Book Studies –‘ Snow Queen’


‘Superheroes ABC’

Retell own stories

Tools For Reading LIT0-13a 0-21a)

Daily Phonics- intro digraphs-

CVC games- Station reinforcement

ORT Programme Level 1-6

Learn the alphabet



Enjoyment and choice

Library Time


Reading : Understanding and evaluating

Book Study activities





Writing: Tools For writing (Lit 0-13a 0-21a)

Daily Phonics with writing practice every day.

Weekly Handwriting focussed lessons

Weekly news writing

Topic writing once/twice a week

Spelling dictation once a week









Creating Texts (Lit 0-09a 0-31a)

Writing /Listening and talking

Weekly book focus – see separate weekly plans

Superheroes focus

Imaginative writing development- see weekly plans




I am becoming aware of the importance of celebrations,

festivals and customs in religious people’s lives. RME 0-06a



Stories and crafts


Cross curricular topic- SUPERHEROES




Biological Systems

  • I can identify my senses and use them to explore the world around me.  SCN 0-12a


  • I have experienced, used and described a wide range of toys and common appliances. I can say what makes it go and say what they do when they work. SCN 0-04a


  •  I can recognise simple types of forces and describe their effects. SCN 0-07a

Changing states

  • By investigating how water can change from one form to another, I can relate my findings to everyday experiences. SCN 0-05a




Biological Systems

Songs and Rhymes

Identifying Senses- Stations activity/worksheets

Link to superhero traits- Character Development


Superhero Vehicles

Making cars- Races

Balloon cars


Pull/push  gravity  magnetic

Superhero characters

Superhero vehicles

Changing States

Winter- Snow Queen

Ice/ snow /water experiments and investigations

Expressive arts


  • I can create images and objects using a variety of materials EXA 0 -02
  • I can create visual information through observing and recording my experiences across the curriculum


Expressive Arts


Winter Pictures- Wax Resist

Superheroes- paint and wax crayon

Super heroes- onomatopea pop art

Weekend news- focus on people drawing and colouring skills


  • I can use seesaw independently
  • I can explore, play and communicate using digital technologies safely and securely. TCH 0-03a

Design and constructing models TCH 0-09a

·         I can Build models using different materials eg. junk modelling, wooden blocks

·          I can Use tools and materials (paper, card, wood, plastic) to create models



Use Seesaw to record class work.- Independently




Investigate types of materials- treasure hunt

Create and design supercars using junk modelling- investigate properties of materials.

Create boats – investigate properties of sinking/floating


Health and Wellbeing

  • I can describe some of the kinds of work that people do and I am finding out about the wider world of work. HWB 0-20a
  • I can show ways of getting help in unsafe situations and emergencies. HWB 0-42a


Health and Well Being - WOW

People who help us – superheroes

Visit from ‘999’ ?- or to fire station?

Rescue service-

What to do in an emergency

Heartstart- with Mary Sherrifffs

Rights Respecting Schools

·         Pupil Choice

·         Right to be safe

·         Individuality

Activities RRS

Develop use of Seesaw to record their best work

People who help us – topic

Supehero character- positivity and personality

 TGeneral Information

Picking up /dropping off - Please let me know if someone other than mum or dad is going to be picking up your child.  It is best to call the office rather than through seesaw, as I don’t always have time to check Seesaw before home time.  You can also catch me in the morning. If it is a regular arrangement, you will just have to let me know the days/routine once. Thankyou

Homework folders and diaries


School Uniform

Please ensure your child’s school uniform including shoes, has their name clearly marked to avoid too many lost jumpers ( or trousers, jackets and shoes)

Please ensure your child brings waterproof clothing and shoes/boots to school so they can enjoy playing outside. When it starts to get wetter, the children will need inside and outside shoes, so it is a good habit to get into from the start.

Ideally children should have this type of pump for inside class.

These can also be worn for inside gym.

Social Media - We have very successfully been using the Seesaw app to record children’s learning in School. If you would like to be able to share your child’s learning via Social Media please remember to return data protection and permission slips.

The school also has a Twitter account, on which we share news and events. 


Outdoor Learning – This year Lower Primary is committed to developing the field to enable more outdoor learning to take place. I aim to do some outdoor learning each week, and children need to be prepared for the outside each day- i.e., a jacket every day, and outdoor shoes. As the weather changes, we will still be incorporating outdoor learning.

Contact   - If you have any questions or queries you can send me a direct message via seesaw.

 Also, I am available before school from 8.45am and I can meet you for an informal chat outside.  If you need a more formal meeting, we can arrange an online meeting for after school, via seesaw. (or an outside meeting)

If you want to catch me at the end of the day, please wait till all the children have been picked up and then I will be happy to chat.

You can also email me directly at bcoconnor@pkc.gov.uk. However be aware that I often do not get to my emails until lunchtime so if it is urgent, catch me in the morning.

 Kind Regards

 Bernadette O’Connor