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Term 4 - Primary 4 newsletter. 

Primary 4 thoroughly enjoyed learning about life in the Victorian era and all the activities that we did to help us understand how children lived during that time.  

Our final topic is My Wonderful Body where we will be looking at the changes children go to prepare them for puberty.  

Here are some learning experiences that the children will be involved in: - 

Children will learn the correct names for parts of their body, including male and female private parts, and their functions. 

They will start to develop an understanding of conception, pregnancy and birth. 

Discuss the things that a baby needs and how they should be cared for.  

We will be observing our ospreys on the webcam and watching as the eggs hatch and the chicks grow and develop. This will give us an opportunity to see how animals in their natural environment take care of and protect their young.  

Understand, through discussion, that parts of their bodies are private (reason for swimsuits/ trunks) and other people have the right to privacy too. 

Understand the importance of personal hygiene for themselves and others: handwashing, sneezing and coughing, changing after PE lessons.  

In literacy, each child will prepare a personal presentation to the class about their life so far. This will be a homework task so parents will need to get involved too. Start raking out the baby photos!  

 In maths we will be learning about fractions which will link with our multiplication and division skills. 

We will also be using ICT to learn about handling data.  

Next term we have our final Community café, Sports Day and Prize Giving to celebrate the children’s achievements.  

 I hope to see you at these events.  

 Mrs Cardew

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