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Primary 1M Newsletter   August – October 2019


Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to Primary 1. We have had an excellent beginning to the term with all the children settling in well to ALL the new routines. They are all happy and engaged in class and have made a great start on their P1 learning. This newsletter will outline the weekly timetable general class information, and give you and overview of the plan of learning for this term.


Thursday and Friday: P.E - The class have two hours of P.E. a week , one hour with the specialist on Thursday and one hour with the class teacher on Friday. In addition the school follows the ‘Daily Mile’ programme to encourage outside activity every day.

Monday: Gaelic - The class have a Gaelic lesson once a week with our Gaelic specialist Mrs McPhee

Tuesday: Music The class has a music lesson once a week with our specialist, Mrs Dailly. In addition children will be singing every day in class

Wednesday: – Mrs Brown, Faculty Head of Languages , will work with the class to develop literacy skills.  This is in addition to the literacy and language input from me.

General Information

Picking up /dropping off - Please let me know if someone other than mum or dad is going to be picking up your child. There is a notice board in the cloakroom to make a note, but I need you to let me know directly as well. Thankyou

Homework folders and diaries - These are a means of communication. Each day the folder and the diary will go home, with any work or letters in it. Each morning it will come back to school with the child. I will be writing a general comment on your child’s progress each week in the diary and I would like you to sign it and return to it to school. This lets me know you have seen it and keeps communication open between us. You also may write a comment back in response or at any other time.

School Uniform - Please ensure your child’s school uniform has their name clearly marked to avoid too many lost jumpers!

As the weather turns autumnal please ensure your child brings waterproof clothing and shoes/boots to school so they can enjoy playing outside.

Social Media - We have very successfully been using the Seesaw app to record children’s learning in School. If you would like to be able to share your child’s learning via Social Media please remember to return data protection and permission slips.

The lower Primary also has a Twitter account, on which we share news and events. The address is @P123Pitlochry

Learning in Primary 1

Phonics - Jolly Phonics is the programme we follow in Primary 1. Each week the children will learn 3 new sounds. A new sound card will be in their homework folder every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Children will make the best progress if they are encouraged to practice and recognise these sounds at home, daily. In addition worksheets/colouring sheets will be put into their homework folders. These are voluntary and do not need to be returned to school. They are additional back up if you and your child wish to do a little homework.

Reading - Reading will start with Phonics books and the Oxford Reading Tree Programme. Your child will have a Reading record/ school diary in which homework will be noted.

Numeracy - We will be focussing on Numbers to 10 , as well as context play incorporating measuring, calendars, symmetry,  and patterning.

Topic ‘All about Me ‘- A topic that incorporates health and wellbeing and science outcomes.

Outdoor Learning - Towards the end of term we will be visiting Black Spout Woods for three consecutive weeks (and three, next term) for a variety of outdoor activities. – More details to follow.

Contact   - If you have any questions or queries I am available before school from 8.45, just come down to the class room for a chat. Similarly I can meet after school on most days if you want to discuss anything.

You can also email me directly at cfmcnab@pkc.gov.uk. However be aware that I often do not get to my emails until lunchtime so if it is urgent, catch me in the morning.


Kind Regards