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PKC Communications and Performance - Message

Over recent months we have undertaken extensive engagement in the area about how to deliver on these ambitions with the assets that we own and manage. Several proposals have been put forward to meet this aim. While no decisions have yet been made, the feedback about these proposals has been largely positive in community meetings and discussions with the school and associated groups.

Under-used buildings are neither financially viable nor contribute to a vibrant community. It is therefore important that we look at sustainable options to maximise the use of the buildings that serve the people of Pitlochry. Creating a community campus would allow us to utilise spare capacity in Pitlochry High School and, through additional investment in the building, provide an improvement on the facilities now on offer while continuing to provide pupils the learning space they require. This includes the potential to increase the number of days that library facilities are open to the public, from the current 1.5 days a week. And, to cement the viability of leisure facilities which have been under threat at the current Atholl Leisure Centre, which was only saved from closure last year due to an additional 12 months’ funding in last year’s Council budget.

Achieving what the people of Pitlochry have asked for will involve change, and we understand that people may be concerned about what that journey looks like. This is why we remain committed to working with local communities as these proposals are developed and to ensuring that a phased approach is taken to implementing the final decisions to minimise disruption to the availability of local services during this time.