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In Perth and Kinross all children aged 3-5 years old are entitled to 1140 hours of Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) per annum. It is recognised that families have varying childcare needs and therefore a variety of models are available within ELC Communities across Perth and Kinross. This includes places within local authority and funded provider ELC settings and childminders who have come into partnership with the local authority to provide funded ELC places.

Further information will be available at ELC settings and is also in the Council’s Policy and Guidelines for Admission to Nursery Schools & Classes 2023-24. Please note that applications for ELC places in local authority settings managed by Education & Children’s Services will commence week beginning 16 January 2023 for all places in school session 2023- 2024. Initial registration will close on 10 February 2023. Applications received after this date will still be considered but will not be included in the initial allocation of places.

All current and prospective Parents should apply online at: http://my.pkc.gov.uk/service/ELC_Apply

Children are entitled to an ELC place in the term after their third birthday.

Below are details of the groups of children eligible to apply for a place in Perth & Kinross Council nursery schools and classes in school session 2023-2024:

Children born between

Eligible to start nursery

1 Mar 2020 and 31 Aug 2020 

Start of school session (August 2023)

1 Sep 2020 and 31 Dec 2020

Week commencing 8 January 2024

1 Jan 2021 and 28 Feb 2021

From 16 April 2024

Please note changes to legislation for session 2023-24.

Parents of children who will be 5 between the school commencement date in August and 28 February 2023 have the right to choose for their child to have an additional year of funded ELC. Children in this age group, are eligible for an ELC place at the beginning of the school session in August 2023. Parents choosing an additional year of funded ELC for their child must complete a declaration form via the online application form and are advised to refer to the guidance available on the Council’s website www.pkc.gov.uk/families. Information can also be obtained by contacting the ELC Applications Team via the contact details below.

A number of funded providers (local authority and private ELC settings and childminders) also offer funded ELC places to children who are 2 years of age. These Strong Start places will be offered to eligible children in line with criteria set down by the Scottish Government. Please visit the Council’s website www.pkc.gov.uk/strongstart for further information relating to nurseries currently offering places and eligibility criteria, or contact the ELC Applications Team.

All places within ELC settings managed by Perth & Kinross Council are allocated in accordance with the priority categories as outlined in the Council’s Policy and Guidelines for Admission to Nursery Classes and Early Childhood Centres 2023-2024.

A copy is available to view or download on the Council’s website at www.pkc.gov.uk/families.

When applying for an ELC place for your child you may need to have your child’s birth certificate and a copy of Council Tax documentation to hand. This is proof of the parent’s residency at the time of application. This information is used in determining priorities for allocation of places. For further details, parents should contact their local setting. Other queries and information on ELC provision within Perth & Kinross may be obtained from the ELC Applications Team: ELC Applications Team Telephone: 01738 476200
Email: ELCApplications@pkc.gov.uk