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Table Tennis – takes place on Mondays lunch time and is open to all Secondary School pupils

Badminton sessions are held at the Leisure Centre on Mondays for all P6 to S4 students. Pupils can enter into the secondary schools Festival which takes place in November. Pupils can also enter into the Scottish Schools Badminton Championships if they do well at the P&K Schools Championships. This year pupils brought back with them numerous medals and awards

Basketball – this takes place at lunchtimes on Tuesday and Friday and is open to secondary pupils. There are various competitions throughout the year that pupils have the opportunity to play in. Pupils often play friendly matches with Breadalbane Academy. We also offer a Girls specific club on Thursday lunchtime for all Secondary School pupils.

Gymnastics– this takes place on Tuesdays from 3.30-4.30pm and is open to P6 to S4 students who take part in competitions and festivals on regular basis. The Pitlochry team is very strong and often comes back with medals.

Netball – is available to P6 to S4 pupils who often practice for friendly matches – if there are enough players the school enters the Perth and Kinross Netball League.

Football – is played throughout the year and teams enter into school leagues at different age groups. The school has a good relationship with BSYFC and pupils are encouraged to join the football club if they are interested in playing at Club level. BSYFC offers free sessions to Primary School pupils as part of the Active Schools partnership. In total there are 4 Primary School only sessions and one Secondary School session

Dance – girls and boys can learn to dance, they will learn routines and perform at the school coffee mornings or school shows. There are two sessions one on Monday and the other one on Tuesday for different age groups. Both are run by volunteer from the Pitlochry Festival Theatre.

Cricket – this takes place during lunchtime on Wednesdays for all pupils from P5-P7. Competitions take place throughout the year.

Cycling Club – this club is growing by the year and takes place from during warmer months. Pupils learn road and off-road skills and usually cycle trips and local rides are organised.

Boyzone – this is a boys only Club in Secondary where boys are encouraged to socialise together choosing a variety of activities that they would like to take part in. Any boys from S1-S4 can take part.

Girlzone – this is a girls only Club in Secondary where girls are encouraged to get active and socialise together choosing a variety of activities that they would like to take part in. Any girls from S1-S4 can take part.

The above Extra Curricular Programme is organised by Daria Wall, Active Schools Co-ordinator for Highland Perthshire and PE Staff. Daria can be contacted on 07824529753 or dwall@liveactive.co.uk

Music and Drama - all pupils are encouraged to take part in the extra-curricular activities in the Music Department.  There are a variety of bands and a choir is formed for special events with all pupils invited to take part in our school productions.  Pupils who have a special interest in music are encouraged to use the practice facilities within the department at interval and lunchtime.  Budding rock bands are also able to make use of the departments equipment and rooms.

School Visits Abroad - over the years the School has encouraged pupils to take part in educational visits to various countries on the continent.  These trips tend to be for specifically curricular purposes and last between 5 and 7 days.  The ratio of staff is at least 1:8.