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School enrolment

Our school entry date is the first day of the school session  which this year is Wednesday 16 August 2023.  Your child is of compulsory school age on the first school entry date from his/her fifth birthday. If his/her birthday falls on or before the last day in February, he/she may attend school from the previous August, or alternatively, you may delay his/her registration until the beginning of the next school session.

You will be invited to contact the Headteacher for further information about registration arrangements. A Polish translation of the registration document is also available on the primary enrolment page of this website and in all schools.

For further information please contact your catchment School or email: ecsschools@pkc.gov.uk.

If your child will be five before the last day of February 2024 then it will soon be time to register them for school.  Registration now takes place online in January and information will be sent out at the appropriate time.

Secondary school enrolment

If your child is transferring to Secondary School in August 2023, you can find information on placing requests and how to register for school if you have just moved to the area.

Placing request

What happens if I want to send my child to a school outside my local catchment area?