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P7 were baking with Mrs Wilkie and Mr Whatley. They learnt a lot about science ( solids, liquids, gasses and pressure.) Oh….and the cakes were really tasty too!








 Autumn Term 2018

Lancaster bomber

Our mission started, building the one and only, Lancaster bomber! Our class (P7) were starting to build the amazing World War 2 plane. Everyone was bursting with joy when we started building it, come with us on a journey and see how we did!

First we got really long thick sticks to make the shape of the plane, this part was quite difficult but when we work together everything went to plan. For this we used our working together skills to get everything going smoothly, we took turns in a discussion so it all went well. We also took turns using the hot glue gun to stick the sticks together.

Next we made the wings, to do this our amazing teacher Mr Whatley helped us cut out big pieces of cardboard to make the wing. To make it stay in place we papier Mache all over the cardboard to make it stable. There were two groups which were on each wing so it wouldn’t take as long. When it was coming to an end we had a little race to see who would finish first and group 1 did!

After that we built the middle and back of the plane, for most of this we cut out ovals and surrounded the sticks. We did this repeatedly all the way round the sticks until we reached the bottom. We worked together to see other points of view so it’s perfect.

Then it was time to make the wing and oval shape. To do this we used polystyrene sheets to make shaped for it to be 3D. We had to take our time with this to stay inside the red line, some people (like me shhh!) accidently went out of the line and has to fix it, which I had to say took a long time. We also had to use our Leadership skills to solve all the problems we had.

When we were all finished with that we decided to put paper all around to act as a proper wing. This part took a while but we got there when we were working together. We thought the paper wasn’t strong enough so we obviously put papier mache ALL around the plane. This is where it was coming to life. Whilst we were doing all the paired Mache some people made the wing tail, we had to look very closely at the picture to get it right. For this we used our imagination and discussed to get it right!

Now the fun part started to happen, painting! We were helping each other in places we couldn’t reach. We were all working very hard to get the paint lines perfectly straight. We used three very different colours and patterns. For the top of the plane we did a camouflage theme which was a brown and green colour, and we can’t forget about the underneath, for that we did a moonlight bluey black. I thought this part was really fun because we designing which part were going to be green and brown for the camo. Oops! By accident someone went over the line, it was meant to be coloured brown but they did it green! Now no one can see it which is good.

Then it was time to put all the detail and design on the plane. For this we had to look extremely hard to get everything perfectly right. On the plane it looked like it had a name we all had to think very hard for a perfect name, until we came up with one called PHS for Pitlochry High School. After we put all the detail we could possible think of it was finished! Now it was time to think were to put it since it was so big! The next day I walked into the school with a gasp, the plane was actually hanging at an angle up on the ceiling! What I was wondering was how they go the massive thing up there! The plane was finally finished and looked so realistic it was UN real, it was just to say all our hard work payed off!

Thank you for coming this far on our incredible journey!

By Tamsin Robb P7w