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Primary P1/2

 Primary 1/2 Newsletter, August-October 2022

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome to Primary 1/2.  We have had an excellent beginning to the term with all the children settling in well to ALL the new routines. They are all happy and engaged in class and have made a great start on their P1/2 learning.

This newsletter will outline the weekly timetable general class information and give you an overview of the plan of learning for this term.


PE - the class has PE on a Wednesday. In addition, we will have PE and outdoor activities on other days, so please bring P.E kit on Mondays and take home on Fridays. Please send your child prepared for all weathers.

Monday: Gaelic - the class has a Gaelic lesson once a week with our Gaelic Miss McPhee.

Tuesday: ­- the children will have the chance to borrow and return their library books each Wednesday.

Thursday: - Art with Mr Duncan

Friday: Music - the class has a music lesson once a week with our specialist, Mr Webber. In addition, children will be singing in class

General Information

Picking up /dropping off - please let me know if someone other than Mum or Dad is going to be picking up your child.  Thankyou.

School Uniform - please ensure your all your child’s belongings are clearly marked with their name to avoid too many lost jumpers, shoes, lunch tubs etc!

As the weather turns autumnal please ensure your child brings waterproof clothing and shoes/boots to school so they can enjoy playing outside. It’s always handy to have a pair of inside shoes/gym shoes too, so that if they get wet feet at playtime, they have something to change into. It would be great if you could leave a pair of gym shoes at school for children to use as spares.

Learning in Primary 1

Phonics - Jolly Phonics is the scheme we follow in Primary 1. Each week the children will learn new sounds. Children will make the best progress if they are encouraged to practice and recognise these sounds at home, daily.  Please encourage your child to use the correct letter formation when writing phonics and their own names.

Reading - reading will start with books and the Oxford Reading Tree Programme.

Numeracy - we will be focusing on Numbers to 10, as well as context play incorporating calendars, symmetry, shape and directions.

 Learning in Primary 2

Phonics - Jolly Grammar is the programme we follow in Primary 2 to continue with phonics and grammar

Reading - reading will continue with books from the Oxford Reading Tree Programme or Storyworlds, with occasional use of our non-fiction readers.

Numeracy - we will continue to focus on Numbers to 30, as well as 2D and 3D shapes and addition.


Contact - you can message me on Seesaw, using the family app. This message is private and not visible to anyone else.

For non-private messages you can use the journal page on Seesaw, which may be open to others to see.

Kind regards
Lisa Anderson